About Rotary

The first Rotary Club was established in the USA in 1905 by lawyer Paul P Harris.  The Rotary Club of Poynton & District was established in 1981.  Our membership is currently around 40 men and women.

Rotary's motto, Service Above Self, exemplifies its humanitarian spirit.  Club members work to promote peace, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training and eradicate polio from the planet.

Being part of Rotary is more than just giving back to the community by volunteering. It is also about you bringing your skills, experience and enthusiasm to help it thrive, whilst making some great friends along the way. Our club is a friendly place where we invite speakers from a wide range of backgrounds to share their knowledge, increasing your social and cultural understanding. Members also share a common interest in friendship and if you visit Poynton & District Rotary Club or any of the other clubs around the country, you will immediately feel the sense of camaraderie and fun.

Rail tender by "Poynton in Bloom"
Rail tender by "Poynton in Bloom"

Members of Rotary volunteer their time, talents, professional skills and energy to improving the lives of people in their local communities and others around the world.  They have the opportunity to give something back, to give hope to those less fortunate and to make lives worthwhile and fulfilled.

Over the years the club has generated more than £250,000 towards its charitable works.

We like to say our club opens up a world of possibilities to all its beneficiaries.  Not least the Rotarians themselves, who have fun and enjoy a great sense of fellowship with others in the network!


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